Monday, March 26, 2012

Lots to Talk About

My hip hop routine I choreographed (in my last post) took 2nd place at state! Wahoo! I was pretty excited! The Rigby High Dance Team did a great job!

I recently had a birthday on Thursday, the 22nd. I'm 22! Sheesh! I'm not too old yet. Dustin made it a fabulous day! The night before my birthday he gave me an early present. He kept saying, "Becca, are you sure you don't want to open a gift early?" And finally I gave in and opened it! It was the new Footloose movie, he just wanted me to open it so we could watch it that night. It's a cute movie.

 When I woke up for work Dustin had breakfast made for me! What a sweet guy! At work my co-workers all signed a birthday card and gave me cupcakes! That was very nice of them to do.

 I got home from work and found this on the bathroom mirror...

He came home for lunch and brought me some gifts and flowers! I like putting together puzzles so he got me a puzzle and then he got me a fishing game (an inside joke).

Later that night when he got off work we went out to dinner at Olive Garden and also got dessert. Delicious! And I got my last gift, a one hour massage at Massage Envy!

We wanted to go to the Hunger Games midnight showing that night for my birthday but tickets were all sold out, of course. So we went the next night instead!

The theater was crazy packed but we loved the movie! It was worth the line we waited in for over an hour.

This past weekend we decided to go on a hike for a little workout since the weather was so wonderful. We went by Kelly's Canyon to Cress Creek Trail..I think that is what it was called. It was a nice little hike except for all the bugs!

And next Thursday is Dustin's birthday! His is just one week after mine, he'll be turning 28! Old man! I've got to come up with some good ideas to top what he did for me. :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012


My younger sister, Brittney had her end of the year show for the Rigby High School Dance Team a few days ago. Some of my studio classes from Front and Center performed as fillers in between the high school's dances so they had time to change and get ready. I have three studio classes but only two of them performed. (My youngest class didn't) We still have some work to do on the dances, but it was great practice to perform! I also choreographed for the High School, I did their hip hop routine, which I recorded as well. Brittney danced in this one, she is in the front left at the beginning....she looks kinda like me :) Sorry about the crappy recording, I have a cheap camera!

     One of my studio classes

                                                 Another studio class

                                           High School Hip Hop Routine

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Dustin and I went to Idaho's first caucus! It was so exciting!...well not really. We live in Bonneville county, so we had to vote at the Civic Auditorium. Doors opened at 4:00 pm and voting would start at 7:00. We got there at 5 and it was already extremely crowded! I felt like I was kissing the people next to me, they were so close and squished! Thank goodness I had gum in my mouth. We FINALLY reached the front of the line to give them our registration forms and show them our licenses and they denied us! With us recently getting married, we didn't have our current address and I still hadn't gotten my last name changed on my license. So they told us to go home and get a piece of mail with our new address and my new last name. Dustin was furious! Ha ha, I had to calm him down so he wouldn't yell at the nice old ladies helping us. So at about 5:45 we left our apartment again to get through the dreaded crowd with all of our information. By the time we got back it was around 6 and the line to get in the building, turned into two lines that wrapped around the block! I almost gave up and went home. It was freezing outside! After 45 minutes of waiting we finally got through the line! The Civic Auditorium was completely full and so we had to go to a gym. Our gym was completely full and they filled up another gym! There were almost 5,000 people there, and still had to turn people away because there wasn't enough room. I would've been upset if that was me who got turned away.

                                                Dustin was very excited to be there.

This was a panoramic picture I took of part of the gym we were in. They had the little blue voting booths on the sides of the gym. We walked behind it with a 50 cent piece and put it in a bucket of the candidate we wanted to vote for. Notice the nice lady to Dustin's left? She was nice...too nice! She talked forever and ever! I felt like the last hour I had come to the caucus alone, Dustin and I couldn't slip one word to each other! It was a long hour. We watched a little video clip or listened to a representative speaker for all of the candidates and then we started our voting around 7:30. It took so long to finally get the results! At about 10 we got the news! Of course, Mitt Romney won! He got just over 3,000 votes, Ron Paul came in 2nd and then Rick Santorum in 3rd, Gingrich in 4th and then some candidate I didn't even know existed. (Who got 3 votes out of the 5,000, must've been some of his family.) It was a long night but a new experience. Now I'll know what to expect next time, if we have the opportunity to attend another caucus!

Friday, March 2, 2012


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