Monday, June 18, 2012

Fun In The Sun

This past weekend was full of super fun adventures! Friday night we went crawdad fishing with some of our friends, Jake and Ashley. We made smores while the boys used their crawdad catching skills...and they didn't end up with a single crawdad. It was still fun even though we didn't catch anything.
Saturday we were out in the sun all day! It was such a nice day. We went boating with some of Dustin's family at American Falls Reservoir. It was a blast!

 Enjoying the sun
 My sexy husband
 Makenna surfing
 Mak and Calista
 Seth kept spraying Mason while knee boarding

After we went boating we went mountain biking! I'm still getting use to it...I barely make it up the hill :) It sure makes my bum and every other part of my body sore, but it's lots of fun! And it was beautiful!

 Dustin, Seth, and Max :)
 Seth and Tara
 Dustin bein crazy
 Me, Max and Dustin
Dustin and I

On Father's Day we went to visit both of our families. When we were at my parent's house we got to see my dog, Penny. She lives with my parents. Dustin isn't really a dog person. He doesn't mind them but he doesn't baby Penny like I do. I think Penny really has a crush on Dustin. She just stares at him all googly-eyed and is always trying to get his attention. She LOVES it when he just says her name and will pet her. But when he is willing to hold her...she just stares at him like shes in heaven. 

 Staring at Dustin, hoping he'll give her some attention

 Penny on cloud 9, Dustin tolerating her