Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Gray, Black and Purple

Dustin and I finally got a bed spread for the bed he built me! Any time I would pick one out, it was too girly or he just didn't like it. When he would find one he liked, it was too plain or masculine for me. Finally, we agreed on one! We decided we wanted one with gray and black and maybe some white. We found this one that we like but I wanted to add more color to it. I decided to do dark purple, and I found this ruffled dark purple pillow and some dark purple curtains at TJ Maxx that i loved! When I brought it home Dustin said, "Are you putting that on the bed???" Haha, he doesn't like it, but I do, so of course it is staying. The curtains were extremely long! So I used my wonderful sewing skills and cut off the curtains and made an extra pillow for the bed. It turned out pretty well I think.

                                          Dustin says that since I get my ruffled pillow, he gets to keep
                                          his pillow pal on the bed too. At least it kind of has the right colors :)