Tuesday, July 10, 2012

1 Year Anniversary in Park City

It's been 1 year?! It's crazy for me to think I have been married to Dustin for 1 year. It has gone by so fast and I am loving it! Dustin recently started his new job at a CPA firm here in Idaho falls, and our anniversary was on a Monday so we celebrated our anniversary over the weekend in Park City. Friday morning we got to go pick up my mountain bike!!! It took me forever to finally decide on which one I wanted, and I LOVE it!
After getting my bike we were on our way to Park City! It was our first time ever going so we were pretty excited. He won't admit it but I know Dustin hates traveling with me because I get VERY anxious and antsy in the car. So it was a long 4 1/2 hour drive for both of us :) We stayed in the Gateway Resort. It was super nice! I could've moved in and lived there I loved it so much. While checking into the resort, a guy gave us some ideas of things to do around town and asked us to come to a meeting Saturday morning that told us more things we could do in town and we would get free tickets to the Olympic Park. With the meeting only being an hour long we decided it would be fine to go.
So we got settled into our room and decided to go into town and eat dinner. It was delish! We had Thai food (for my first time). I'm a very picky eater so I was surprised that I liked it!

It was beautiful! After eating dinner and walking around a bit we went back to the hotel to hit up the pools and hot tubs! They had like 7 different pools and hot tubs and a few saunas. We tried them all out.
Saturday didn't start out so wonderful...The resort didn't serve breakfast so Dustin and I were on our way out to get something to eat and make it back to our meeting at 9:30. When we got to the car we had a lovely surprise!

A flat tire! Dustin hurried to put the sweet donut on and we had to find a place to get our tire fixed! We dropped the tire off to be fixed while we were in our meeting. So we got to our appointment at 9:30 and the lady said it was going to be 1 1/2 hours instead of just 1 hour. Dustin was extremely annoyed by now but we still went through with it.
Instead of the meeting just being like a tour of the resort and telling us about activities, it was a salesman trying to get us to buy a timeshare. He was SO annoying! I thought Dustin was going to punch him in the face. And to add to it, instead of being 1 1/2 hours long it was 2 1/2! I was sooo bored! We finally got out of the meeting and got our Olympic Park passes. We were ready for some fun! We picked up our tire and headed for the Park! It was full of fun things. An alpine slide, zip lines, adventure courses and a few other things. I was glad we had gone through the meeting to get free tickets, otherwise it would've been $59 a person!

 People were skiing down this and doing tricks into the pool. They were make a ton of bubbles in the pool right before the skier would hit the water so they would land softly. It was cool to watch.
 This was the smaller zipline we rode.
Sitting on the lift on our way up to the Alpine slide!
Dustin took a video of me coming down the slide

After riding 2 rides, we were in line for the extreme zipline and a storm came in! They had to shut down the park. We were so annoyed! We only got a portion of our tickets refunded and had to leave. We got back to the hotel and Dustin went to one of the managers of the Resort to see if we could get a discount to the spa for all the trouble we had had. He couldn't give us a discount but he gave us another 3 day 2 night stay at the resort for free! I was completely happy with that! 
We went and got some massages at a spa in town. Dustin's brother, Jared and his family went swimming at the resort because they were in town and then we all went out to dinner.
Sunday morning we had to check out, so after checking out we went mountain biking! I finally got to ride my new bike! It was fabulous! I'll admit I was scared out of my mind on a few parts of the trail we went on, but it was fun!
 And of course Dustin had to have a flat tire on his bike
Riding in the gondola up the mountain

checkin our trail on the map
Lovin my new bike
 While biking up the mountain there was a small lake/pond we stopped at. Dustin found a treasure in it.

Dustin had sweet helmet hair after our ride! Sexy! 

I was sad to leave, we had such a great time but it's always nice to get home and sleep in your own bed...and we got a free vacation from it! So I'll be going back again :)

Monday was our actual anniversary, Dustin and I had to work so that night we had a yummy dinner and dessert!

I still can't believe how fast time has gone by. I sure do love being married to Dustin, I couldn't have found a better husband and I couldn't be happier!


  1. you guys are such a cute couple! your babies are gonna be so adorable lol

  2. Fabulous anniversary! Park City was a good choice! And you look gorgeous as a mountain biker :) Miss you!

  3. So glad you guys had a good time in Park City (even with the flat tires)! Much better trip than the weekend before, eh? :) Love you guys! Congrats again on 1 year.